Personal Training 

FACT – 10% of gym members see the results they are looking for and 50% of these members work with a personal trainer while 25% work with an online coach or trainer for accountability. You wouldn’t teach yourself how to play a piano (or maybe you will but not effectively), so why try to attain your fitness goals on your own. Our team of dedicated trainers will help you:

  1. Set realistic goals and devise a game plan to get you there. The important thing here is to devise a plan that suits your lifestyle.
  2. Find out key info such as BF%, lean muscle mass, and BMR through an InBody scan to devise a proper nutrition plan that coincides with your training plan.
  3. Learn proper exercise techniques and regimens so sustain your results that you’ve worked so hard for once you get there!

Email [email protected] today to book your complimentary InBody scan today to get started with personal training and start seeing the results you’ve been dreaming about!