The Importance of Stretch

Why should I stretch? It’s just another addition to my already lengthy routine. I never stretch and I do just fine.

Stretching is not a waste of time!

If you’re 
not stretching before and after a workout, you’re not taking advantage of a complete workout routine. Complementing your weights with a series of stretches will maximize your results and help prevent injuries. Stretching when doing weights will help relieve any tight muscles and connective tissues, as well as improve your range of movement and flexibility. Stretching can help optimize your recovery by increasing blood flow to your muscles. Stretching after a workout will also help reduce the amount of lactic acid throughout your body (which can make muscles achy and tired!).

A few 
minutes of pre, during and post workout stretching is a sure way to protect yourself against injury and in turn improve overall performance. Why not try one of our yoga classes if you want to learn some simple yet effective stretches; a great way to stretch your muscles, increase your range of motion and improve your flexibility!