Personal Training 

Personal Training  FACT – 10% of gym members see the results they are looking for and 50% of these members work with a personal trainer while 25% work with an online coach or trainer for accountability. You wouldn’t teach yourself how to play a piano (or maybe you will but not effectively), so why try […]

The importance of stretch 

The Importance of Stretch Why should I stretch? It’s just another addition to my already lengthy routine. I never stretch and I do just fine. Stretching is not a waste of time! If you’re not stretching before and after a workout, you’re not taking advantage of a complete workout routine. Complementing your weights with a series of stretches will […]

Weight Lifting Over 50

Weight Lifting Over 50 As a fitness trainer and yoga teacher, I strongly advocate for women to incorporate the three essential elements of fitness: strength, flexibility, and balance. Through my experience, I have observed that neglecting any one of these pillars can increase the likelihood of injuries and decrease the effectiveness of workouts. These three […]

Cardio vs Resistance Training: Which is Better for You?

Cardio vs Resistance Training: Which is Better for You? As a personal trainer at the Richmond Hill Fitness Connection, I often get asked the question, “What’s better for me: cardio or resistance training?” The truth is, both have their benefits and are necessary for overall health and body composition. In this blog post, I’ll break […]